Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Short Course in Communication....

Instead of trying to justify yourself
        Hold your tongue

Instead of lashing out
Choose words that bring restoration

Instead of losing your temper
Practice self control

Instead of inflaming a situation
speak kind words that soothe & heal

Instead of holding a grudge
Forgive those who wrong you

Instead of reacting 
ignore an offence and refuse to let it control you

Instead of jumping in
think before you open your mouth.

Hard to live up to, but something I am definately going to try this year!!!

Love Me xxx


Sheree said...

Good advice! So hard sometimes though! LOL

Sheree xx

Angela said...

I need to be more mindful of these things too Mel... thanks for posting them :-)

Nathan said...

whats up with the name change to the blog!?!?!?