Thursday, April 5, 2012

Following Two Beauties

on the heels of my lovely Sis (in law) & gorgeous Cousin Brit I thought this might kickstart me into blogging??!
(well I have got to try something right???)

10 Things I have learnt this week -

1. camping is not my favourite, but the family time with no technology & simplicity is
2. I like a hot shower (seriously I need to be clean)
3. I love a clean house but hate doing it myself (anybody??)
4. I really really miss my Sis (in law) & my cutest nieces & nephews more than I thought I would those relationships are worth it, even if I do screw up the times & am a little slack & we live 20000km away.
5. You find out who your REAL friends are once you move away from somewhere.......just saying.....
6. I love going to church/music & I miss it if I don't go, my spirit needs it.
7. I seriously love my hubby even after all these years (& we agree getting married young was a good thing)
8. Material things really aren't important (especially when you lose your D&G sunglasses)
9. Your Mum and Dad will always be really important people in your life
10. I don't particuarly like exercise but I need it, it keeps my head straight

Hopefully not so long between posts.....

Me xxx


Sheree said...

Yay you're blogging again! :) Great post too. I'm right there with you on quite a few of those! LOL I'll be looking out for your next post my friend! hehe

Sheree xx

Nathan said...

so I guess I may as well skip this trip... you mention the kids and the wife.. but not me... :(

Anna said...

Oh there is alot of ME in that selection of things too. I might have to do this on my blog to get me blogging again. Look forward to reading any future blog posts my friend!!

Nathan Walkington said...

been a while since you blogged