Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Busy Week

Well I am officially the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging. This week has been a crazy one and I have been trying to organise my space as with a new desk it seemed that it was great, but then I got a big block, all this stuff and space but no creativity. Anyway this is the time to look around and just relax.......I have tried to put myself into a style for scrapping......I have never liked being put in a box.........scrapping is no exception. I am a mix - I love bohemian, grungy, ribbon, paint, chipboard..........anything really......I also love new a toy store........having the new stuff but not using it......just looking at it thinking about using it.....I am one of those ones the shops love, spend the money but then don't use it.....LOL

This week was also hard in another way, my middle girl started her first day of Kindy. Little Lulu, I was so scared for her, as I was not sure how she would handle it. She is such a cruisey happy little thing and quite happily plays on her own, but loves hanging with mummy & daddy, she has always said she didn't want to go to gool (school), she wanted to stay home, she wasn't a big girl. You can imagine how I was.........I held it together until after I dropped her off and she was happily settled with her little best friend Gracie........"see ya mum" then I lost it. The time seems to go so fast and she just seems so little......anyway she had a great day and loved it wanted to go back the next day.........told the teacher it wasn't dark enough to have a sleep (she was in a comatose position when I picked her up, took me 10 mins to wake her up) and she was fine to put on her pants herself (they were on back to front). She is such a gorgeous little thing, I will miss her terribly for that day each week. At least I still have one baby still at home......

Anyway must be off, I need to go & actually do some creative work as well as my normal job of housework...... I will leave you with a photo of Lulu, she finally has enough hair to put in ponytails, much to her delight!!!!! Love ya & make someones day this week!! Remember it is better to give than to recieve. M xx

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