Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Well I am experiencing some technical difficulties...........so sorry, am not sure if it is the operator........LOL..
It has been a busy week again, so will post again soon, also might actually have some work up to display etc, here's hoping. If you get chance, go onto this amazing blog called OLW - one little word, my gorgeous girlfriend Rebecca put me onto it.......amazing, the word this week is TRUST, why not think about that this week and try to create something with it. The pages on this blogspot are amazing, go have a peek!!!! By the way I have to say congratulations to Rebecca getting published in Creating Keepsakes......you go girlfriend.......what an artist I am in awe!!!! Anyway lovelies I am bushed have to head, no photos, no more words, sorry all out.......plus technicalities driving me crazy. I'm out. Love Mx

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