Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Wonders......

I cannot believe another week has gone by......I know it sounds cliched but time just seems to be flying by. We have had a busy couple of weeks not all of it fun, I can say. Ant & the two younger girls have been sick with some chesty cough thing (always fun when you are travelling & then the previous D&V thing), but on the diet note (actually don't know whether I have blogged about this, but Olivia has had allergy problems since she was born,it has been quite a challenge)she is doing much better now that I have taken her off all wheat products!! It is amazing what has wheat flour or wheat glucose in it!!! I find myself looking at all the back of things to check out what is in them!!! :)
I have tried to have a quiet week this week & let the girls get over their coughs. I know I didn't blog about Mothers Day but it was a beautiful day. Georgie & Lulu made me & bought me a whole heap of beautiful presents & I was very blessed. Anthony was working but we had a great lunch with Mum & Doris (our lovely next door neighbour), might post some photos later! :)
We also went & saw Ant's mum out in the bush & it was really nice just to BE. No phone, no distractions, just peace & quiet!! Here is some photos from there. The girls love seeing their other Nana & alway provide heaps of entertainment. They played the piano, gathered wood for fire & just relaxed. They can also be terribly noisy & there is nobody around to hear or complain! LOL
We ate bacon & eggs every morning & drank beautiful Italian was BLISS!!!

There has been lots of things happening as always.....will have to do another post real soon. I can't seem to keep up!!! Sorry sweets!!! Next post will put up some photos of new LO's, I am finally getting faster & doing more than 1 LO at a sitting (I am finally breaking out of my anal, perfectionist type scrapbooking).....Yippee. I am a bit into the OTP at the moment & trying to do quite a few books to document our trips. I took just the basic essentials with us (I don't do this very well, but this time did ok)& started a book out on the farm. It was so funny I had cardboard to cut out but wasn't sure of what shape & so found this old frame of Mum's & just traced around it. Great thing about scrappers we are very adept at changing things to suit our craft!! LOL :)I have decided that I spend way too much time reading blogs & surfing web pages (this was accentuated when we had no computers or email out there) them all!!! but am going to try & be a little more like I used to be & maximise my spare time. Will keep you updated on that one :).
By the way it is Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal this week-end. They do a fantastic job, so support them!! Love 2 U. Mxxx

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