Thursday, April 23, 2009

A WHAT in your eye?????

As I stand talking to the Pastor of our church patiently waiting for my mum's group to arrive, little Miss Liv is saying "mama eye sore" & kept saying it over rubbing her eye.......hence we bend down to have a look & guess what was in her eye???

A bead off her dress!!!

Not just a sequin but a bulky jewel that she decided to put into her eye. (Not sure what was going through her little brain at the time??!!) All the while trying to fish it out of her eye, thinking emergency department, damaged eye, etc etc yet remaining calm wondering how I would get it out after numerous attempts. Eventually we held her still enough & I was able to grasp it in my fingers & pull it out of her eye with no damage. Hallelujah. All the while she is saying Ow Mama det it out!!! Mmmmm motherhood is exhausting, you have to play coach, referee, medic, chef, cleaner, etc etc........wouldn't have it any other way!!!
Who said you needed to have boys to keep you on your toes & lively!!!! LOL
Time for bed. Me Out xxx


Leanne said...

I know that I shouldn't laugh but it is a little funny. How on earth did she get it in there?????? Bless her cotton socks.......

Sheree said...

Hooley dooley Mel! I would've been freaking out! So glad you were able to finally get it out with no damage. Kids do the strangest things sometimes!!

Me xx

chanel said...

oh my .... you have had a week of it!
glad you managed to avoid the doctors!
have a great weekend
luv chanel

Brittany Snow said...

hahaha, only Liv!

rvavic said...

Oiwwww... I hate eye injuries... makes me squirm BIG TIME, poor little bubs!!

BTW... peeps who say that about boys... dont have girls LOL!